UATV Now Available in Middle East and North Africa

UATV received the fourth broadcast license for using the satellite "Eutelsat 7WA"


The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine unanimously voted to provide UATV the fourth license from the satellite Eutelsat 7WA, which covers Northern Africa and the Middle East.

“We are expanding broadcasting in the region, so that more people can get access to the information about life in our country, to hear about Ukraine more. Therefore, I congratulate the TV channel on this occasion,” said the chairman of the Council, Yuriy Artemenko, after the vote.

On Dec. 1, UATV will air in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria, among others.

“A great interest to Ukrainian news is observed in this region. Especially since UATV channel is in Arabic,” said the the head of the department for the development of the state enterprise IBMP, Mykola Sharaban.

UATV Signal Parameters on Eutelsat 7WA Satellite:

The orbital position is 7.3 ° west. l.

The frequency is 10727 MHz

Polarization – Horizontal

Symbol rate – 27,500 XCM per secod

FEC – 5/6

UATV is currently broadcasting through three satellites: Hot Bird 13 in Europe, Galaxy 19 in North America and AsiaSat 5 in Asia and Australia.

Source UATV
date 30.11.2018
categories TV channel news
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