UATV Now Broadcasting in Nepal

Ukraine`s state international broadcaster, UATV, is now available for subscribers of Nepal’s OTT/IPTV Platform



UATV recently collaborated with NET TV company. It is the first OTT/IPTV platform in Nepal to have a government’s license to operate IPTV. NET TV is operated under NITV STREAMZ PVT LTD and NEW IT VENTURE CORPORATION. The company is located in Kathmandu.

NET TV can be accessed from a wide range of devices such as smartphones, both Android and iOS, and set-top boxes for home users. Its services are also distributed by Nepal’s popular internet providers – Worldlink, Vianet and HONS.

UATV is available to subscribers of NET TV in HD quality. Altogether NET TV has more than 200 channels in its portfolio.

Source UATV
date 02.01.2019
categories TV channel news
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