UATV’s Website Now Available in Arabic

The state media channel keeps its march forward and broadens its audience.

Photo UATV

UATV launches the
Arabic version of its website. Our website is generally addressed to a foreign audience intends to bring to the world objective and interesting information about Ukraine and its development. The website was already available in Ukrainian, Russian, and English – and now Arabic.

“The site is another resource of information that we launch to provide the Arabic audience with news from Ukraine. This way they can keep themselves up to date with what is happening in the country” says Safwan Julak, the head of the editorial staff. Everyone who is looking for information about Ukraine, in particular in the field of medicine, education, tourism, history, economics, sports … can now get it from us. ”

Safwan Julak is convinced that the interest of the Arab audience in Ukraine is quite large.

“In only a year, the channel’s page on Facebook has gained over 100,000 subscribers. And over 5,000 – on YouTube. This shows that the Arab world is interested in Ukraine” Safwan. Ukraine is moving towards the EU, but relations with the Arab world are also important. This was also illustrated by the official visits of the Ukrainian President  Petro Poroshenko to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar … In turn, we are working to make the platform an important media tool in order to build “bridges” – between Ukraine and the Arab world. ”

Source UATV
date 11.04.2018
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