Ukraine Adopts Law Requiring Car Seats for Kids

Law on fines for transporting children without child car seats came into force on Nov. 20


If Ukrainian parents used child safety seats in their cars, many lives could be saved.

Many think that seatbelts are optional for kids. But if children are not big enough, seat belts can press against their necks or stomachs. This can lead to serious injuries and even death.

In Ukraine, this year alone, more than 3,800 children were injured in car accidents, 148 others died.

To lower this number, a law requiring carseats has entered into force.

“If a driver commits this offense for the first time, they will have to pay a $21 penalty. If the rule is violated again, the fine increases to $35,” Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Patrol Police Department, Oleksiy Biloshytsky.

To compare, in the United Kingdom, this penalty amounts to $648.

According to UK law, that came into force in 2006, all children under the age of 12 must use car seats, unless they are taller than 135 centimeters.

Ukrainian families, in turn, must buy a safety seat for kids under 145 centimeters tall.

Taxi drivers are also obliged to transport kids in booster seats.

“It’s good, for sure. On the other hand, it’s impractical. For families it’s good,” taxi driver Eduard said.

Public transport does not have to be equipped with booster seats.

Source UATV
date 21.11.2019
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