Ukraine Agriculture Sector Growing, Top 10 World Producer of Grain

Poroshenko emphasizes the need to grow the agriculture sector, Ukraine is currently in the top 10 producers worldwide in grain production, but there is still room for growth

Photo Mikhail Palinchak


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko emphasizes the strategic importance of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, which has great competitive advantages in the global economy, for the development of the Ukrainian economy. He stated this during the All-Ukrainian Public Forum “Open Dialogue,” according to his Press Office.

“We can take a leading position in the sectors of the economy, where Ukraine already has some competitive advantages compared to the other countries. They will become the foothold, from which we will push off. They will raise funds to ensure a tangible increase in people’s living standards,” he said.

“Last year Ukraine collected more than 70 million tons of grain. This is our absolute record. Ukraine has never collected such a crop before. The collective farm system of Soviet times could not even dream about such indicators. By the way, it is hard to imagine how the Holodomor could be organized with such a potential?” Poroshenko said.

He pointed out that Ukraine is consistently among the top ten world’s largest grain producers and the top three of its most powerful exporters.

“There are all opportunities to substantially increase our share in the global grain market. I said that the population of the Earth increases by 80-90 million per year. And everybody wants to eat. We have absolutely clear prospects for our movement forward,” Poroshenko emphasized.

He also noted that last year Ukraine had entered the top ten largest dairy suppliers and was traditionally ranked first in the export of sunflower oil. Ukraine provides more than half of the world exports for this oil.

Poroshenko stressed that the share of processed products in the agro-industrial complex’s exports was being increased.

“We are confidently mastering the European market through the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Area,” he said.

The President stressed that the profitability of the agro-industrial complex would be directly reflected in the implementation of social projects directly in small towns and villages, in particular such as the construction of outpatient clinics and the purchase of vehicles for them.

“The profitability of the agro-industrial complex will be implemented in massive social projects in the countryside through the mechanism of decentralization. Currently about five hundred outpatient clinics are under construction. And vehicles have already been purchased for them. But this is only part of a major project on the development of rural medicine,” Poroshenko said.

This initiative has been made possible by using the funds that the Prosecutor General’s Office had confiscated from the former authorities.

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date 10.02.2019
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