Ukraine Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Marine Corps

Marines have grown stronger since Russia's intervention - Poroshenko


Ukraine is celebrating the centennial anniversary of the founding of the country’s marine corps.

May 23 marks one hundred years since Hetman Pavlo Skorpadsky formed the Naval Infantry in order to guard the coastline of the newly-formed Ukrainian State.

The force was reborn in 1993 after Ukraine gaining its independence in 1991.

Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko has said the marine corps has become stronger since the start of Russia’s intervention in eastern Ukraine. He praised their efforts.

“Looking at you, dear marines, the whole country sees fighters – decisive and courageous, patriotic and cohesive, with a strong will and indestructible spirit, self-confident and victorious. Trained to carry out the most difficult, important tasks, both at sea and on land, in conditions of incredible physical and psychological stress. You are always there where the situation is the hardest, where you need courage and tenacity, speed and decisive, unbridled pressure,” Poroshenko said.

The military has posted a video (see above) marking the occasion.

date 23.05.2018
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