Ukraine Condemns Russian Passports for Citizens of Occupied Donbas

List of response measures was prepared for consideration by the National Security Council of Ukraine.
Photo from Radio Liberty

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Moscow’s expedited granting of Russian citizenship to residents of the occupied Donbas territories.

The Foreign Ministry said that Moscow is trying to increase pressure on Ukraine before snap parliamentary elections, Novosti Donbassa reported.

“Despite numerous statements about the desire for the earliest possible establishment of peace, the Kremlin, by its actions, demonstrates a frank intention to continue the hybrid war against Ukraine,” the Foreign Ministry stated.

The Foreign Ministry also demanded that Russia cancel its ‘passport laws’.

“We demand that Russia stop torpedoing the peace efforts of the Norman format and the Minsk process, and begin to fulfill its obligations,” the report said.

The ministry said that the National Security Council of Ukraine is considering a list of responsive measures.

On April 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree simplifying the acquisition of Russian citizenship for residents of the occupied Donbas territories.

Source UATV
date 18.07.2019
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