Ukraine-EU Turnover in Agricultural Products Reaches $7.5 Bln

The agricultural products turnover between Ukraine and the European Union reached a new record

From January-September, the turnover of agricultural products between Ukraine and the European Union was $7.5 billion, a 23 percent increase compared to the same period last year, the National Scientific Center Institute of Agrarian Economics (IAE) stated.

The top seven trade partners of Ukraine in the EU remain the same: the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, and Belgium.

A significant share, $401 million, belonged to Belgium, with which the volume of Ukraine’s mutual trade in agricultural products grew by 19 percent compared to the relevant period last year. The total share of these seven countries makes up about 4/5 of the total agricultural products’ turnover.

The key export items supplied to the European Union’s markets were grain, oilseeds, and sunflower oil.

From January to October 2019, domestic exporters fully used duty-free quotas for supplies of honey (main and additional quotas), sugar, barley and flour, processed starch, canned tomatoes, apple and grape juices, corn (main and additional quotas), wheat, poultry, and butter.


Source UATV
date 12.11.2019
categories Ukraine and the EU
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