Ukraine, Germany Discuss Trade, Development and Russia During Meeting

Representatives from both Ukraine and Germany met to discuss the state of trade between Ukraine and the EU as well as Russian aggression in the Black and Azov Seas


Photo Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Office


The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European Integration Olena Zerkal met with the deputy of the German Bundestag from the Christian Social Union (CSU) faction and a member of the parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs Christian Schmidt, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Office.

The focus was on the development of trade, economic and investment cooperation between Ukraine and Germany, which is developing dynamically due to the free trade regime between Ukraine and the EU.

Zerkal presented the state of implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU and emphasized the priority of integration of energy and digital markets, which will create additional opportunities for further deepening of cooperation.

Zerkal also discussed the situation with the blockage by Russia of navigation in the waters of the Azov and Black Seas.

Schmidt confirmed the inadmissibility of Russia’s violation of the norms of international law and stressed that the Crimea topics remain relevant and on the agenda of the Bundestag, German’s Parliament.

The parties also discussed the need for infrastructure projects for the city of Mariupol and regions in eastern Ukraine and along the Azov Sea. Development of these area would boost economic output and create jobs.

Everyone at the meeting agreed on the importance of deepening Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO in order to confront the current threats to peace and security in Europe.

Source Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
date 08.02.2019
categories Economics
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