Ukraine Holds Military Drills in Lviv Region

Tactical military drills in accordance with NATO standards were recently held at the Yavoriv military training area in the Lviv Region. In keeping with the drill's aims, they were held in a makeshift residential area. Under the guidance of international military instructors, the 72nd mechanized brigade successfully executed the task


For this combat exercise, the soldiers’ task is to liberate residential areas and disengage from the firefight without any losses.

The soldier with the callsign “Planshet” has been fighting in the war since 2015. He was defending Avdiivka and Svitlodarsk and from his own experience, he knows that you have to mind your tactical decisions when the battle is taking place near civilian areas.

“The plan was the following. Armored vehicles are providing covering fire from the distance while we move forward and act according to the situation in within the settlement. It happens differently in combat, but still we learn the basics here that we need,” soldier of the 72nd mechanized brigade “Planshet” said.

Dmytro is mastering the basics of battlefield tactics here as well. He has signed the contract with the armed forces just mere months ago and now he is getting ready for his first deployment. This military drill is a chance for him to gain some experience.

“If some extreme situation arises we will not be confused and will be able to make the most correct decision within the shortest amount of time,” Platoon Commander of the 72nd mechanized brigade Dmytro Kryvorot said.

“We are preparing to liberate, not capture. This is what makes our military so different from the Russian army. Liberating our cities from terrorist groups and the Russian army without losses is our main goal,” Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said.

These drills are just a part of a two months long training program of the Ukrainian military. Army instructors from the USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Poland, and Lithuania are working with Ukrainian soldiers.

“The fact that they are teaching us, I have to say they are great guys, really. They take an assault rifle, run together with us, we really have something to learn from them,”

These military drills will last till end of April. In July the 72nd mechanized brigade will be deployed in the Joint Forces Operation zone.

Source UATV
date 21.04.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation, News releases
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