Rodyna Center for Children with Disabilities

The center was originally put together by the children's parents. Now they've hired specialists


Pavlo cannot speak, but he loves communicating. He can do it with the help of a special set of cards.

Children with disabilities, like Pavlo, need to be in an environment where they can communicate with their peers. This is an essential part of the learning process.

One such an environment is the Rodyna Center for Children with Disabilities.

Another child, Nina’s 8-year-old son Matviy, has been coming here since September.

“He loves communicating, he loves music, and the classes here. He loves participating. When he’s at home, he wants me to interact with him all the time,” Nina said.

In addition to communication, the children at the center learn social skills. The center’s program features physical development, music classes, and educational programs.

“As of now, up to 20 children can learn at the center. The children receive daily care. It’s like a kindergarten – a preschool educational institution. Our specialists develop individual programs for each child,” administrator Viktoriya Domanska said.

Rodina has been operating for four years. It was founded by parents of children with disabilities. At first, they held the classes themselves. Now they’ve hired specialists.

It’s partially funded by the state, private donors, and by parents.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated around the world on Dec. 3. On Monday, the Ukrainian government held a number of events around the country to show its commitment to helping transform the lives of those with disabilities.

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date 04.12.2018
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