Ukraine, Moldova Sign Memorandum on Gas Supplies

The Ministries of Energy of Ukraine and Moldova sign a memorandum about security of gas supply


Photo Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine

The Ministries of Energy of Ukraine and Moldova signed a memorandum of understanding on security of gas supply in Chisinau today (Dec.13).

“The memorandum enshrined the intention of the two ministries to create dialogue and mutual assistance between states in gas supply, eliminate and prevent serious disruptions in energy networks, and effectively prevent and mitigate disruptions in the supply of natural gas, in particular to protected consumers of both countries,” Deputy Minister Kostiantyn Chyzhyk said according to press service of Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Chyzhyk also attended the 17th meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Energy Community.

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date 13.12.2019
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