Ukraine and North Macedonia Enact Visa-Free Regime

The new arrangement no longer needs to be renewed annually


Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


Ambassador of Ukraine to North Macedonia Natalia Zadorozhniuk and Foreign Minister of Northern Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov signed a visa-free travel agreement between the two countries, Zadorozhniuk posted on Facebook.

This arrangement will permanent and will not need to be renewed.

“Today, together with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov, on behalf of the Government of Ukraine, I signed an extremely important intergovernmental visa-free travel agreement on a permanent basis. The existing agreement no longer needs to be prolonged annually,” she wrote.

“It is expected that this agreement will make a certain contribution to the further intensification of the mutual cooperation, especially in the economic sphere, by promoting the development of business ties and contacts between the two countries, as well as the development of tourism,” the North Macedonian Foreign Ministry stated.

Source UATV
date 12.07.2019
categories Tourism
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