“Ukraine NOW” Tells Europeans About Modern Country

The project team of "Ukraine NOW" national brand went on a trip to European capitals. The aim is to tell Europeans about modern Ukraine and even show it with the help of virtual reality. The first stop was made in Warsaw


The “Ukraine NOW” brand bus is going on a European tour – allowing people in Warsaw, Berlin, and Prague to experience the country’s most beautiful tourist attractions, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant cities through virtual reality.

“With the help of a VR headset, you can appear at any point in Ukraine, from Kreshchatyk to the Carpathian Mountains, Transcarpathia, Odesa, or the Black Sea. We will now walk the streets and offer locals to appear in Ukraine for a second,” organizer of “Ukraine NOW”: Eurotour project Anatolii Khrapchynskyi said.

“We want to show the most interesting, most favorite and picturesque places of Ukraine,” Head of the Public Communications sector of Ukraine’s Ministry of Information Policy Hennadyi Semenchenko said.

People can experience dozens of virtual routes, while also showcasing the opportunities that Ukraine provides, not only for tourists, but investors, students and startups as well.

“The presentation is very cool. I really like the virtual reality. You’re not just watching a movie, but you can feel as if you’re moving around another city,” tourist Kasper Goslavic said.

The VR headset can be synchronized with a smartphone, allowing people to share photos of their journey in virtual Ukraine on social networks. The “Ukraine NOW” bus will make future stops near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and Peace Square in Prague.

Source UATV
date 23.12.2018
categories News releases, Technologies
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