Ukrainian National Bank Reps Attend Singapore FinTech Festival

The Ukrainian delegation of the National Bank went to the Singapore FinTech Festival


Photo Facebook of the National Bank of Ukraine

The Ukrainian delegation, led by National Bank Governor Yakiv Smolii, is currently in Singapore to participate in the FinTech Festival that begins today (Nov. 11).

“The Singapore FinTech Festival will be held on Nov. 11-15. This global platform for the FinTech community provides opportunities for networking and collaboration with leading financial institutions, innovative companies, central banks, and other financial market regulators, scientists, etc.,” the press service of the National Bank stated.

The Ukrainian delegation also intends to hold bilateral meetings with representatives of the central banks of Singapore and Hungary, the World Bank, and some world’s largest technology companies.

The main themes of the conference include: sustainability, finance and tech, future of finance, investment and global markets opportunities and exponential technologies.

Source UATV
date 11.11.2019
categories Economics
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