Ukraine Provides Justification Before ‘Ukraine vs. Russia’ Hearing

Hearing in The European Court of Human Rights will take place in February


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Photo Ukrinform-UATV

The European Court of Human Rights rejected Russia’s request on postponing the Ukraine v. Russia case hearing regarding illegally  occupied Crimea, stated Deputy Minister of Justice, Ivan Leshchyna in interview with Yevropeiska Pravda.

The hearing is scheduled for February 27. At this hearing, Ukraine should prove the suitability of its case. According to Lyshchyna, Russia has said that the complaint is invalid.

Therefore, the parties must provide a 30-page justification for either going forward with the claim from Ukraine or for dismissal, as Russia is requesting.

According to Lyshchyna, Russia had appealed to postpone the scheduled hearing until May to give them time to prepare their legal brief.

However, the court rejected this appeal. According to Lyshchyna, “The court did not allow to postpone the hearing, did not allow to change the volume of justifications, but it has changed the date of submission of arguments from November 30 to December 30.”

Source Yevropeiska Pravda
date 19.12.2018
categories Crimea
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