Ukraine Sends Gas Transport Drafts to Gazprom

Photo Ukrinform-UATV


Ministry of Energy assigned draft agreements on gas transit to Gazprom.

“The draft contracts have already been assigned to Gazprom, as required by European law. If we sign a contract with Gazprom, given the [gas] savings in Ukrainian and European storages, we can see historically the cheapest gas prices,” Minister of Energy and Environment Oleksiy Orzhel said during a presentation “To-do list of changes in energy and ecology”, Ukrinform reported.

Unbundling of Naftogaz is the key issue to sign a contract, Orzhel said. The schedule is jammed, but Ukraine runs it in time.

“This Friday (Nov.22), we received confirmation from the national regulator about the preliminary certification of the operator [independent operator of the pipeline]. Documents are already submitted to the Energy Community. I guess we will get fully certified operator until December 26,” he said.

On Nov. 18, Gazprom sent Naftogaz a deal proposition, to extend existing conditions of the contract by one year, if Ukraine forgives a $3 billion claim, which Gazprom has to pay to Naftogaz under the ruling of the Stockholm Arbitrary court. Naftogaz answered on Nov. 25, that a new gas transit deal should be based solely on the European rules, so that any legal disputes over the financial claims between sides, as well as the fine, imposed on Gazprom by Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee, should not be used as a pretext for the issue of the transit deal.

Source Ukrinform
date 25.11.2019
categories Economics, Ukraine and the EU
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