Ukraine, Turkey Develop New Drone

The advanced drone features components and technology from both Ukraine and Turkey


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The first product to be introduced by the joint project of the Ukrainian UkrSpetsExport and Turkish Baykar Defense will be the unmanned aerial vehicle Akinci, the press service of UkrOboronProm reported.

“The new generation strike UAV Akinci is aimed primarily for both the Turkish and Ukrainian Armed Forces. […] One of its main advantages is the ability to deliver high-precision strikes with the same weapons that are used on conventional aircraft. We are talking about high-power ammunition weighing hundreds of kilograms,” the report says.

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General Director of UkrOboronProm Pavlo Bukin noted that this project is being implemented thanks to the unification of the largest defense sectors of Ukraine and Turkey.

The vehicle is equipped with two Ukrainian-constructed engines capable of providing a flight altitude of more than 12km. The UAV can carry more than 1,000kg of weapons in flight for a day.

In addition, the drone will be supplied with supermodern surveillance systems — from thermal sights and powerful cameras to radars with an active phased antenna array and numerous sensors.

“All this makes it possible to detect even camouflaged targets at a considerable distance, to transmit coordinates for destruction, or to deliver high-precision fire,” representatives of the Ukrainian company said.

Source UATV
date 20.08.2019
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