A day in JFO zone: 7 ceasefire violations, 9 military men wounded


Over the past day, on March 1, the armed groups of the Russian Federation have 7 times violated the ceasefire regime in the Joint Forces operation zone.


UATV reports this, referring to the JFO headquarters.


The occupants fired the mounted automatic grenade launchers near the town of Vodiane, and anti-tank mounted grenade launchers near the towns of Pavlopil and Krasnohorivka.


Besides, the hostile forces also fired heavy guns at our positions near Krasnohorivka. They also employed firearms to shoot at our positions near Nevelske.


One serviceman of the Ukrainian armed forces was wounded as a result of military car bomb attack near the town of Pavlopil. 8 more soldiers sustained various wounds. All of them were timely delivered to hospital to receive the necessary treatment. The command staff of the military base as well as the working group of the military law-enforcement are now investigating the attack.


The Russian-occupation forces fired automatic and mounted anti-tank grenade launchers at Ukrainian positions near the town of Bohdanivka.


The armed forces of the Russian Federation twice fired various grenade launchers and heavy guns near the Luhanske settlement.


Our military men fired in return responding to enemy fire.


As of 7 a.m. March 2 no shelling were registered.


Earlier, Leonid Kravchuk said that the enemy shelling in Donbas should get mirror-like response.

date 02.03.2021
categories Joint Forces Operation, Ukraine

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