Calls for seizure of power: SSU exposed network of Internet campaigners (PHOTOS)


Photo: SSU

Representatives Cyber police of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed an interregional network of Internet agitators conducting information operations against our country on the instructions of a foreign side.

This is reported by UATV with reference to the SSU.

Cybercriminals on the Internet called for the overthrow of the constitutional order and violation of the territorial integrity of the state.

During searches at the place of residence of the attackers, law enforcement officers found computer equipment and mobile devices with evidence of illegal activity in the interests of a foreign party to the detriment of the state security of Ukraine.

A resident of the regional center of Chernihiv region through the Internet disseminated materials in which he called for a change in the borders of the state border of Ukraine, as well as false information about the Armed Forces to discredit the Ukrainian military.

In Pryluky, a local resident on the Internet called for the seizure of state power. Enemy propaganda spread on his own page of one of the social networks. Now he has been informed of the suspicion.

Also a resident of Konotop, Sumy region was exposed, who through a social network banned in Ukraine, distributed materials with public calls for changing the borders of the state border of our country and forcibly overthrowing the constitutional order. A suspicion was informed to the attacker.

In Zaporizhzhia, the activities of an Internet agitator who posted calls on the personal pages of a social network banned in Ukraine to violate the territorial integrity of the country was blocked. His involvement in the activities of illegal armed groups in ORDLO is also being examined.

In Odesa, the administrator of groups in social networks was exposed, who called for a violation of public order, the overthrow of the constitutional order. Security investigators reported suspicion to the attacker.

Earlier, the SSU reported suspicion to the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, and also exposed Internet agitators who called for seizing power in Ukraine.

date 02.04.2021
categories Ukraine, Ukraine

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