Iran Police Fire at Demonstrators Protesting Shootdown of UIA Plane

"The crash of the Ukraine International Airline early on Wednesday killed all 176 people on board, mostly Iranians and Iranian-Canadians," –AP


Videos of protesters in Iran purport to show crowds fleeing tear gas and live ammunition on Monday (Jan. 13), the Associated Press has reported.

Demonstrators were protesting in the aftermath of Iran admitting to shooting down the Ukrainian Airlines flight on Wednesday (Jan 8).

One video shows a woman being carried “as a blood trail can be seen on the ground. Those around her cry out that she has been shot by live ammunition in the leg,” the AP said, and then quoting in Farsi, ” ‘Oh my God, she’s bleeding nonstop!’ one person shouts. Another shouts: ‘Bandage it!’ ”

Photos from after the incident show pools of blood with footprints throughout going in every direction.

The chief of police in Tehran denied the use of live ammunition saying only tear gas was used in some areas. But the AP cites that uniformed police were only one of the security forces used. The Revolutionary Guard was patrolling the city and has previously been accused in November of shooting at demonstrators in anti-government protests.

176 people died in the plane crash Wednesday. Most of them were Iranians and Iranian-Canadians. After three days of denials, the authorities admitted to the accidental shooting after mounting evidence.

Image: AP
Photo: Center for Human Rights in Iran
date 13.01.2020
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