Borrell confirmed participation in the “Crimean Platform”



The High Representative of the European Union is going to take part in the Crimean Platform summit together with the President of the European Council Charles Michel, UATV informs.

Josep Borrell announced this during a videoconference at the UN Security Council. The first Crimean Platform summit is planned to be held in August 2021. The new international format is designed to promote the de-occupation of Crimea and the protection of human rights on the peninsula.

“The situation in this country is being used as a tool for political purposes here in the Security Council. To make it clear, 6 years after all members of this Security Council supported the Minsk agreements, very little has been done to implement them. Russia is a party to the conflict and we take this into account in order to take a constructive position”, – Josep Borrell said.

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date 11.06.2021
categories Crimea

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