Dzhaparova told about the importance of the “Crimean platform” for the Kherson region



The “Crimean Platform” has not only international importance, but also domestic and even regional, because the increased international attention to the problem of Crimea automatically increases attention to the regions of Ukraine bordering the occupied peninsula. 

It was stated by First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova during the investment forum “Southern Development Strategy”, DOM TV informs.

Dzhaparova stressed that the idea of creating an international “Crimean Platform” a year ago appeared because after 7 years of occupation, the topic of Crimea began to leave the discussion at the international level, and attention to the topic of Crimea began to disappear.

“It was important that Ukraine actively propose its own format. Not the vision of our partners, not only the resolutions on human rights violations and the militarization of Crimea, for which we vote within the UN. But the format that will really make the topic of Crimea loud. This external format of the topic will pull up the internal dimension, which was expressed in the development of the Strategy for Reintegration and De-occupation, in the tasks we solve within the parliament. This is also the expert dimension, when non-governmental organizations joined the formation of the developments of the “Crimean Platform.” All elements – the government, parliament, experts, civil society, and the local dimension in the form of municipal authorities, communities – participate in the “Crimean Platform”, – she said.

Dzhaparova stressed that the “Crimean Platform” is especially important for the Kherson region, as it is a region that borders Crimea.

“When attention to Crimea increases, attention to the region that borders on Crimea increases automatically. We emphasize that de-occupation passes quite difficult with reintegration. It’s very important to work and communicate with 2.5 million of our citizens who remained in the occupied territory”, – she said.

It is necessary to implement projects in Kherson region, that will be important for the implementation of reintegration.

“For example, Crimeans have a high demand for medicine. Therefore, we need a multidisciplinary hospital. There are developments for Mariupol to create a medical college, a hospital. Such a complex project could be implemented in the Kherson region – for those who can come from Crimea to receive medical services”, – Dzhaparova said.

The International Investment Forum “Southern Development Strategy” started on June 10 in the Kherson region. It will run until June 11th. De-occupation of Crimea is one of the main topics of the forum. The event will be attended by about 600 people: 168 heads of territorial communities, more than 400 guests and volunteers, 30 professional speakers.

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date 11.06.2021
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