Since the beginning of the occupation of Crimea, Russia has drafted about 30 000 Ukrainians – Dzhaparova



Since the beginning of the occupation of Crimea, about 30 000 Ukrainian citizens have already been called up for military service in Russia.

This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova during her speech at the forum “Ukraine 30. International Politics”, UA informs this referring to the Forum’s Press Service.

According to her, Russia is trying to turn the occupied Crimea into a huge military base.

“At the same time, it suppresses all possible forms of opposition to the occupation, forms of resistance. The main factors of this process are unprecedented and brutal repressions against dissidents, first of all those, talking about Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars” – Dzhaparova said.

The official noted that Russia is constantly increasing the number of military personnel and equipment in the occupied Crimea.

“Recently, under the guise of military exercises, the Kremlin closed part of the Black Sea for 6 months, in particular in the direction of the Kerch Strait, to foreign civilian and warships. In addition, the Russian president gave the Russian Guard the right to block the waters of the Black and Azov Seas. It creates significant obstacles to international navigation, threatens the security and stability of Ukraine in the world and South-Eastern Europe” – the Deputy Minister said.

In addition, Russia is actively building the Crimean military infrastructure for its nuclear weapons, reconstructing the infrastructure of Soviet-era nuclear warhead storage facilities – Dzhaparova.

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date 06.07.2021
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