The FSB conducted searches in the house of a Crimean Tatar in the occupied Crimea



Officers of the Federal Security Service of Russian federation have conducted searches in the house of Crimean Tatar Mustafa Taymazov, living in the village of Kurske of the Bilohorsk district. Activist of the “Crimean Solidarity” Mustafa Seydaliyev reported this, UATV informs.

“The investigative actions took place in the house of Mustafa Taymazov, in particular, the inspection of the premises. Officers of the FSB were working there. They were interested in Mustafa Taymazov’s son Seyran”, – the activist noted.

According to him, house owner’s son is now residing on the territory of mainland Ukraine.

Seydaliyev also told that the FSB officers have arrived with witnesses to the search, examined Taymazov’s house, interviewed parents about their son, asking them where, when and why did the latter left Crimea, and then left the household.

To remind, over the first quarter of 2021 Russian law enforcement have detained 146 persons. 126 of them were Crimean Tatars.

date 21.04.2021
categories Crimea, Ukraine

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