The list of countries participating in the “Crimean Platform” is not disclosed – Dzhaparova



Several dozen countries will take part in the “Crimean Platform”. However, the list of participating states has not yet been disclosed, because Russia is trying to oppose the event. This was stated by first deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova during the forum “Ukraine 30. International Politics”, UA reports.

“Now there are 3 categories of countries. The first category includes those that have confirmed their participation by official notes. This is a considerable number of countries. The second category is those that have confirmed their participation in working order and are considering the level of participation – the first or second person in the state or the minister of Foreign affairs. The third category – those that are still thinking upon participation” – Dzhaparova said.

According to her, several dozen countries will take part in the event. But Ukraine cannot announce the participants now, because the Russian Federation is trying to discredit the “Crimean Platform”.

“The Russian Federation has turned on all its levers of influence and blackmail in order, to discredit this platform, and bring down the attendance of this summit” – said the Deputy Foreign Minister.

She stressed that the result of the “Crimean Summit” will be the signing of “an ambitious document that will actually define and codify the policy of non-recognition, indicate what the Russian Federation is like, what crimes it is committing in Crimea, and what consequences will be.”

Earlier, Dmytro Kuleba called on the world leaders to join the Crimean Platform.


date 05.07.2021
categories Crimea

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