Kuleba told how to prevent the Russian Federation from turning the Black Sea into its “inner lake”


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Ukraine has concrete ideas on how to prevent Russia from turning the Black Sea into its “inner lake.”

This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba following his visit to Georgia, UA reports.

The minister noted that Russia uses the same scenario of actions in the occupied territories: in Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine. Dmytro Kuleba is convinced that all 3 countries need to work together to oppose Russian occupation intentions. The Foreign Minister called for uniting efforts to counter Moscow’s aggression. 

“If the Black Sea countries and NATO, plus Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, don’t manage to find a place in this mechanism, do not join their efforts, then the Russian Federation will turn the Black Sea into its “inner lake”, divide it in half and begin to fully rule there. This topic was discussed, what needs to be done to level the security situation in the Black Sea. Ukraine has specific ideas and proposals on this matter” – Kuleba summed up.

The minister also informed that Ukraine is now discussing these ideas with colleagues from Georgia, Moldova, as well as with NATO member states – Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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Source UATV
date 20.07.2021
categories Ukraine

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