Oleh Prykhodko is sentenced to 5 years in prison in Russia


The Southern Military District Court in Rostov-on-Don handed down an illegal sentence to Oleh Prykhodko, a Crimean citizen. He was sentenced to 5 years in a maximum security prison.

The ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova reported about it in Telegram, informs UATV.

She emphasized that the verdict was passed in a fabricated criminal case for allegedly attempting to commit a terrorist act, as well as preparations for setting fire to the Russian Consulate General in Lviv in the summer of 2019.

“Oleh Prykhodko will be forced to serve the first year of his sentence in prison, where all convicts are kept in cells,” Denisova wrote.

The ombudsman condemned the illegal verdict of the Russian court and considers it revenge of the occupying power Prykhodko for his pro-Ukrainian position.

“I emphasize that our citizen, at his venerable age and with serious chronic diseases, may not withstand such conditions of detention. I call on the international community to continue pressure on the Russian Federation and demand the immediate release of all Kremlin prisoners,” Denisova added.

The term of detention for political prisoner Ivan Yatskin was extended by 2 months.

date 03.03.2021
categories Crimea, Prisoners of Kremlin, Ukraine

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