Medzhit Ablyamitov was sentenced to 6 years in a strict regime colony in the occupied Crimea.


Photo: Crimea SOS

The so-called Kirov District Court in the occupied Crimea sentenced Crimean Tatar Medzhit Ablyamitov to 6 years in prison and 1 year of administrative supervision after the expiration of the term for alleged participation in the Noman Celebicihan Battalion, which the occupation authorities consider illegal. formation.

The ombudswoman Lyudmila Denisova reported about it in Telegram, informs UATV.

According to her the criminal case is fabricated and the court decision is unfounded.

Denisova condemns the illegal sentence, which, she said, is “another example of the repression of politically motivated persecution of the Crimean Tatars.”

She reminded that five citizens of Ukraine – Edem Kadyrov, Fevzi Saganji, Dilyaver Gafarov, Nariman Mezhmedinov, Aydin Mamutov – had already been illegally convicted on fabricated charges in the case of the battalion in the occupied Crimea.

“I call on the international community to put pressure on the Russian Federation in order to end the politically motivated persecution of our fellow citizens in the temporarily occupied Crimea as soon as possible and immediately release all illegally detained citizens of Ukraine,” Denisova writes.

Earlier it was reported that the Crimean resident Oleh Prikhodko was sentenced in Russia to 5 years in prison.


date 24.03.2021
categories Prisoners of Kremlin, Ukraine

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