Ombudsman urged to stop violation of rights of Crimean Ivan Yatskin




The Russian occupation authorities continue to torture illegally convicted Crimean resident Ivan Yatskin on his pro-Ukrainian position. Ombudsman Lyudmila Denysova stated this, UATV reports.

She called on the Russian ombudsman Tetyana Moskalkova to stop violating the rights of Ukrainian citizen Ivan Yatskin and “provide him with proper conditions of detention, return personal belongings and medicines, visit his family and immediately conduct a full medical examination with further treatment.”

“After the end of the pre-trial investigation on the fabricated case on the contrived accusation of Ivan Yatskin of treason of the Russian Federation, he was transported to the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea and placed in a pre-trial detention center in Simferopol with inhuman conditions. Complete unsanitary conditions – fungus and mold on the walls, as well as rodents and bedbugs”, said the ombudsman.

 According to Lyudmila Denysova, Ivan Yatskin is also denied a meeting with his family – his wife and four children, in particular with his daughter, who was born when he was illegally imprisoned in Russia.

The Ukrainian Ombudsman also called on representatives of international organizations to take measures to restore the violated rights of Yatskin and to facilitate the release of all citizens of Ukraine illegally imprisoned by Russia.

The term of detention to the Crimean activist Ivan Yatskin was extended till July 1, 2021.

The ombudsman said that 109 Ukrainian political prisoners are in jails of Russian Federation and in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

date 16.04.2021
categories Prisoners of Kremlin, Ukraine

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