Prisoners in “Crimean Saboteurs” Case Transferred to Russian Territory

Photo Ukrinform

Ukrainians convicted in the “Crimean saboteurs” case have been transferred to the Stavropol territory in Russia. This was reported to UATV by the son of political prisoner Volodymyr Dudka.

His father is reportedly in poor health. Ukrainian consul Taras Malishevskyi will attempt to visit the political prisoners in the nearest future.

“When my father was still being detained in Pyatigorsk, he suffered from hypertension. His maximum blood pressure was 170 over 100. He is in constant pain. He is categorically forbidden to be in the cold, but he and other political prisoners were held in a cold prison truck for 3 hours. Then, he was held in a cold prison cell for six hours. In the nearest future I plan to ask for his exact place of detention,” Dudka said.

The Federal Security Service of Russia detained two Ukrainians in annexed Crimea in November 2016. They were accused of planning terrorist attacks in Sevastopol. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense called the FSB information a provocation.

Source UATV
date 05.01.2020
categories Prisoners of Kremlin

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