Russian Federation blocks shipping in the Sea of Azov



Russian ships are hindering Ukrainian shipping in the Sea of ​​Azov. This is reported by UATV with reference to the Command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

On the night of April 15, Ukrainian artillery boats were returning after escorting commercial ships from the port of Mariupol to the base. Not far from the Kerch Strait, a patrol ship of the FSB of the Russian Federation appeared. The Russian captain went on the air and said that if the Ukrainian boats next time approach the Kerch bridge built by the occupation authorities, the weapons will be used against them.

“The Russian Federation continues to violate the norms of International Maritime Law. In the Sea of Azov, the boats of the FSB of the Russian Federation once again made an attempt to obstruct the legal actions of the boat group of the Ukrainian Navy, which are on alert. Despite the provocations and purposeful actions of the Russians to restrict free navigation, the boat tactical group of the Ukrainian Navy continued to fulfill the tasks”, the message says.

The Russian Federation announced the closure of a part of the Black Sea in the direction of the Kerch Strait for warships and ships of other countries until October 2021 under the pretext of military exercises.

date 16.04.2021
categories Ukraine, Ukraine

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