The ship with 13 Ukrainians on board sank near the coast of Romania, there are dead, – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Photo: UATV

The ship Volgo Balt 179 with 13 Ukrainians on board sank off the coast of Romania.

This was announced on Twitter by a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleh Nikolenko, informs UATV.

According to him, 10 sailors were rescued, two died, the search for 1 person continues.

“The consuls went to the port of Constanta to coordinate the rescue operation and provide consular assistance,” Nikolenko wrote.

He added that the Romanian Navy sent a helicopter to transport the critically injured Ukrainian woman to Constanta Hospital. The rest of the rescued sailors are on board of the Romanian rescue ship GSP Falcon. Their condition is satisfactory.

date 11.03.2021
categories Ukraine, Ukrainians in the world

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