80 000 Russian military men still remain along the border with Ukraine, – media


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Despite Moscow’s statement, about 80 000 Russian military men are still left on the border with Ukraine, The New York Times writes, referring to a high-ranking official in the Pentagon, UATV informs.

According to the newspaper, Russia has withdrawn only a few thousand troops, and a large number is still at the border. Many units have left their trucks and armored vehicles, which is a signal that they can return.

At the same time, US military officials are unsure about Putin’s missions.

According to UATV, last month the Russian Federation accumulated over 150 000 soldiers along the Ukrainian borders. Then the whole world was worried about the possibility of a full-scale invasion to Ukraine.

On April 23, Russia began to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border and from the occupied Crimea to the points of permanent deployment.

date 06.05.2021
categories Ukraine

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