SSU transferred military units to high alert mode in all regions



Military units of the Security Service of Ukraine in all regions were transferred to a high alert mode. They check all information that may threaten the national security of the state. This was announced by the press secretary of the SBU Artem Dekhtyarenko, reports UATV with reference to “Ukrinform“.

It is noted that the work of counterintelligence and operational search has been strengthened.

Dekhtyarenko stressed that the accumulation of aggressive rhetoric on the part of the Russian Federation prompts the Security Service of Ukraine to take adequate countermeasures.

“The SSU officers in all areas, not only in the border ones, have been put on high alert. In most regions of the country, the SSU is already conducting or will soon begin to conduct large-scale anti-terrorist military exercises. Therefore, we emphasize that the SSU is making every effort to ensure that Ukrainians will protected as much as possible”, the spokesman said.

He also noted that Russia is conducting information special operations with the aim of spreading panic in the Ukrainian society, and can also provoke protests and riots.

Russia has deployed “Iskanders” to the Ukrainian borders.

date 20.04.2021
categories Ukraine, Ukraine

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