Ukrainian servicemen conducted military exercises near the occupied Crimea


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The crews of army aviation combat helicopters and servicemen of the airborne assault troops subordinate to the command of the Joint Forces Armed Forces of Ukraine took part in exercises to counteract the amphibious assault of the enemy on the sea coast. 

Reported by UATV with a link to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

The commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, noted, the Ukrainian military continues to carry out tasks on the border with the occupied territory of the Crimean Peninsula. Militaries work out the issues of training and coherence in conditions that are as close as possible to real combat.

“In particular, this week the paratroopers were alerted and march to task area. Having taken the bridgehead, the paratroopers started to carry out tasks for the anti-amphibious defense of the sea coast,” Naev said.

According to him, the paratroopers conducted joint training to repel the attack of the enemy.

“At the same time, the helicopter crews of the army aviation provided fire support for the paratroopers and worked out measures to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield,” Naev added.

NATO is concerned about the Russian military presence near the border of Ukraine.

date 07.04.2021
categories Crimea, Ukraine

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