Ukraine is moving towards the EU – the Foreign Ministry


Ukraine continues to fulfill the Association Agreement with the European Union, and is moving towards European integration. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Foreign Minister Vasyl Bodnar on the air of the DOM TV, UA informs.

“We are making leaps and bounds, since the active process of the implementation of the Association Agreement is going on, an Association Council is constantly working, analyzing the implementation of this agreement and adjusts things where necessary. Now the process of updating this agreement is underway. It will seriously strengthen Ukraine’s ability to integrate into sectoral unions, get certain preferences for our trade and say that we should get the prospect of membership” – he said.

According to Bodnar, obtaining the prospect of EU membership is the main task for Ukraine.

“The most important thing for us is to concentrate on obtaining a membership perspective. This is exactly the political task we are working on” – the deputy minister added.

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date 08.07.2021
categories Ukraine and the EU

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