Vladyslav Esypenko, arrested in the occupied Crimea, was tortured with electric shocks, – journalist


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48 hours of torture with electric shock – in the Simferopol jail the journalist of “Crimea. Realities” Vladyslav Esypenko was tortured for cooperation with the Ukrainian special services. From the moment of his arrest, lawyers were not allowed to see him.

Vladyslav Esypenko is a freelance correspondent for the Crimea Realities. Radio Liberty. On March 10, he was detained in the occupied Crimea by the Russian FSB, accused of making explosives and collaborating with the Ukrainian special services. Two weeks later, in the Simferopol SIZO (jail), in an interview with a propaganda TV channel, Vladyslav Esypenko admits his guilt.

“He said that he was tortured with electricity, trying to get a confession, by FSB officers. They put an object on his head, connected wires to it, gradually increasing the voltage when he more or less got used to the pain. That is, the first two days they exerted physical pressure. He said that they continue to exert psychological pressure”, says Anton Naumlyuk, editor-in-chief of the Hraty (Lattice)newspaper.

Ukraine protested over the detention of Vladyslav Esypenko in the occupied Crimea.

The Foreign Ministry expects that the EU will apply a new sanctions mechanism to violators of human rights in the occupied Crimea.

date 29.03.2021
categories Crimea, Ukraine

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