Plast Scouting Tradition in Ukraine is Being Revived

After bing banned by the Soviet Union, Ukrainian Plast scouting is undergoing a revival

Petro attended his first meeting of the Plast scout organization in New York, at the age of six. His grandparents were Ukrainian, and Plast served as a chance to learn more about his roots. In 2018, Petro moved to Ukraine.

“For me, it’s very important to bring up children so that they become better people. And if more Ukrainians became Plast members, our country would be a better place,” Plast scout Petro Rakovskyi said.

In the Soviet Union, Plast was persecuted. Its revival began in 1989. And the first official gathering was held in the village of Rozhanka in the Lviv region.

“At first, because this was a public organization, I had to have a day job – and in the evenings, I went to the Plast centre in Lviv. I was the administrator and was in charge of education work. It was hard, but we managed,” Plast enthusiast Bohdan Heneha said.

In addition to training and patriotic education, Plast members are active in social projects.

“I help children in orphanages. I help the elderly and almost every month, together with other Plast members, I organize such events,” Plast scout Solomiya Smolets said.

The slogan of Plast is God and Ukraine, so the scouts started their celebration of the organization’s revival by visiting a church service and praying for Ukraine. Later, they marched through the streets of Lviv.

In order to join Plast, Haviyka had to undergo several training sessions and overcome numerous obstacles. Now, she can finally take an oath.

“It’s an incredible feeling when you take the oath. It’s a great responsibility. My father was a Plast member, and all my friends wanted to join Plast. And finally, it happened. I will try my best and do everything to get up the ranks,” she said.

The organization’s main goal is to bring up decent citizens. There are more than 2,500 Plast members living in Lviv. The number of those willing to join the organization grows with each year.

Source UATV
date 17.04.2019
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