Ukraine’s Sofia Ivanko Prepares for Junior Eurovision in Poland

Final rehearsals for Junior Eurovision have taken place in Poland as the song contest gathered 19 participants. Ukraine is represented by 14-year-old Sophia Ivanko who, unlike her competitors, writes both the music and the lyrics for her songs.


Junior Eurovision wouldn’t be the same without their trademark glow sticks! When each country’s representative will be invited to perform at the final, dancers will light up the stage with the colours of their national flag. The rehearsal is in exactly the same order as the main event – the only difference, the winner is not announced.

Spaniard Melani García floats on the sea. Georgian entry Giorgi Rostiashvili is surrounded by red, heart-shaped balloons. Ukraine’s representative Sophia Ivanko, appeared confident on stage.

The slogan for this year’s Junior Eurovision is ‘Share the Joy’. For every participant, singing brings happiness.

The rehearsal schedule is so busy that each of the performers can only cram in six hours of sleep a night. Sofia admits she’s tired, but she’ll rest at home.

“I think I gave it 100% at the last rehearsal, there will be another one later, I’ll give 110%, and during the final I’ll give 120!” Sofia said.

Spectators trickled into the rehearsal on Saturday in the Gliwice Arena. During the finale, the concert venue will be packed. Several Polish cities competed for the right to host the Junior Eurovision. The smallest one was chosen — Gliwice, in the Silesia Region.

The winner will be decided at the Junion Eurovision final.

Source UATV
date 24.11.2019
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