Ukraine’s Youngest Tattoo Artist

She plans to tattoo not only her dad but other customers as well

Eva Hrebeniuk is just seven-years-old but she is already the youngest tattoo artist in Ukraine.

While her peers’ dream of becoming singers and actresses, Hrebeniuk plans to become the most popular tattoo artist in the world. She uses only colored inks and designs in the form of children’s drawings for body painting.

“The first tattoo took three sessions for me, and the second was at a tattoo convention I took part in,” she said.

Hrebeniuk was interested in tattoo art after watching the work of her father. He is a tattoo artist. And the first and, so far, the only customer of Eva. He allowed her to tattoo cartoon characters on his own body.

“That’s cool. She likes it. This hobby, maybe, someday will transform into a trade,” the girl’s father Oleksandr Hrebeniuk said.

Tattoo experiments have broken a record. Now, Hrebeniuk is officially the youngest tattoo artist in Ukraine. She improves her skills and soon plans to tattoo not only her dad but other customers as well. Yet the opinions of people about Hrebeniuk ‘s hobby are very different. Some people dream of such tattoos, others claim that this kind of hobby isn’t suitable for a little girl.

“Tattoos are not something all people support. Even when a kid does it. When a kid does it some people are not pleased, others though are very excited, the girl’s mother Valeriya Hrebeniuk said.

Hrebeniuk is not the only kid with such a hobby. The youngest tattoo artist in the world is Rubie Dickinson from the United Kingdom. She was 3 years old when she made her first tattoo oh her dads body. Hrebeniuk wants to compete in a different category – complexity of a tattoo at a young age.

Her parents are supportive and do not mind their daughter getting tattoos herself, but only when she’s older.

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date 15.07.2019
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