Ukrainian Air Defense Unit Holds Drill on Shooting Down Enemy Aircraft

The main purpose of the missile system is to shoot down UAVs used by the Russian occupation forces

Video Screenshot Facebook Joint Forces Operation


Ukrainian air-defense armed units held training in practicing shooting down military aircraft, the press service of the Joint Forces Operation reported.

“The training tactical jet L-39 has carried out its flight in the defined corridor, and the crews of the anti-aircraft missile complex 9K33 Osa has been training in its conditional destruction,” said the report.

Reportedly, the crews of the radar station and the calculation of the surface-to-air complex managed the task in a timely manner.

“Calculations of the anti-aircraft conditionally destroyed the air target in a timely manner after radar identification,” said the report.

“So, the training turned out to be successful for everyone – for the flying military, who performed the flight and secured it from the ground, and for the anti-air defense. It should be noted that the current main objective of the anti-aircraft missile systems 9K33 Osa in the area of Joint forces Operation is shooting down Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the Russian-backed forces. This is both tactical and strategic UAV’s. This unit has already shot down a UAV Orlan,” added the report.

The JFO posted a video of the training exercise on Facebook.

Source UATV
date 21.03.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation
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