Ukrainian “Amazons” Promote Female Empowerment and National Heritage


One month ago, actress and volunteer Alla Martyniuk tried on an ancient national costume from Ukraine’s Poltava region. Today, she is looking at her portrait, created by Anastasia Bilous – a British artist of Ukrainian descent.

Next week, Ukrainians around the world will celebrate Vyshyvanka day. The celebration of the national garment has been presented in a new light with portraits of extraordinary Ukrainian women dressed in the traditional clothing. The “Ukrainian Amazons” project is the latest initiative by the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy aimed at female empowerment and the protection of the country’s heritage.

Why “Ukrainian Amazons”?

It’s worth noting that in Greek mythology, the Amazons were a tribe of warrior women related to the Scythians and Sarmatians who resided in the territory of Ukraine. The tale of the Amazons was quite likely inspired by people that lived in this region centuries ago.

Bilous says she gladly accepted the offer to paint the modern-day Ukrainian Amazons. This is her first time working with canvases of this magnitude, 5-square meters. In order to reach the upper parts of the paintings, she uses special building equipment.

Another participant of the project, children’s cardiac surgeon Yulia Kuzmenko, also wanted to see how her portrait turned out. She says embroidered ethnic Ukrainian shirts are a staple of her wardrobe.

The “Ukrainian Amazons” project is organized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy for Vyshyvanka Day on May 17. The Ministry says the special day is intended to promote the traditional Ukrainian costume, which has seen a rebirth in recent years. The colorful embroidered shirt has been spotted on celebrities and on catwalks in Milan, New York, and London.

On May 14, the “Ukrainian Amazons” will be presented in the Kyiv Mystetskyi Arsenal gallery. Afterward, the project will also be showcased at the Ukrainian House in the United States.

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date 12.05.2018
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