Ukrainian Army Preps For Provocations on Independence Day

Despite the ceasefire, Russian-led militants continue shelling Ukrainian positions in Donbas. The attacks don't stop even on holidays. Learn how the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing for provocations on Ukraine's Independence Day



In broad daylight, Russian-led troops are firing at Ukrainian positions. In the evening, the shelling becomes even more escalated.

“They fire, especially in the evening. They start with small arms, then add VOG, AGS, and SPG grenade launchers. They start firing from their side and continue for an hour or two. There hasn’t been a single day of the ceasefire, they fire every day,” soldier Stanislav said.

All of these grenade launchers are characterized by large fragment spread zones. AGS and SPGs can easily damage or destroy fortifications.

“They start firing in the evening. And continue firing throughout the night, only stopping at around 4:00 a.m. Although, when they notice movement on our positions, they begin again,” soldier Yurii said.

Soldiers from the Aydar battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces maintain constant vigilance. But they also find time to fortify their positions.

“Trenches cut through the Donbas steppes. Ukrainian soldiers are actively fortifying their positions, because the deeper the trenches – the higher the chances of staying safe and sound,” UATV correspondent Anastasiia Fedchenko said.

Fortifications are especially important ahead of holidays when Russian controlled forces become more active.

“They’re preparing for August 24th — Independence Day. And then they’ll congratulate us. This happens every year,” Yurii said.

From time to time, enemy saboteurs advance toward Ukrainian positions. However, they’re not very successful, soldiers say.

“We spotted them once when they were walking here. We fired a few times and they ran away,” soldier Oleksii said.

Oleksii was born in Russia but considers himself Ukrainian. In 2014, he went to the front line to defend the country

“I want my daughter to grow up peacefully. We’ll take back everything they took from us. It’s all ours, we won’t let them rob our country,” Oleksii added.

Oleksii broke off contact with his relatives in Russia. He says that, due to the Kremlin’s propaganda, they don’t believe that the Russian army invaded Ukraine. However, over the five years of the war, Oleksii has felt the true power of Russian aggression. He is determined to continue fighting until the end.

Source UATV
date 19.08.2019
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