Ukrainian Athlete Set New Freediving Record

Natalia Zharkova is one of seven women in the world that managed to dive 100 meters deep without any equipment

A new freediving record was set in Honduras by a Ukrainian athlete. Natalia Zharkova is one of seven women in the world that managed to dive 100 meters deep without any equipment.

Multiple times freediving champion of Ukraine, world and European champion Natalya Zharkova has come back to her hometown of Kharkiv. She went straight to the swimming pool where her colleagues met her with applause. A few days ago Natalia set a freediving record. She dove 100 meters deep and held her breath for 200 seconds. Natalia Zharkova says that this record is very important for her.

“By itself, the fact that not a lot of people dived so deep in the world by themselves shows that this is a huge achievement and I am of course very happy about it,” she said.

Natalia Zharkova showed results unheard of, during a tournament in Honduras. Apart from diving for 100 meters in a monofin, she set a world record with ordinary fins for 92 meters. Zharkova explains her success by finding a balance between body and mind. She says you have to turn off any thought process when you dive that deep.

“You are rowing, you feel that your legs are tired and you cannot adequately assess it, cause you are underwater and you feel great and comfortable. That makes you want to stop and rest and swim further. But there is this struggle. Your consciousness says that you should not do it, but this subconscious says that it’s great, just rest. This is the moment of struggle,” she said.

In order not to go unconscious Zharkova is working on perfecting a special technique of breathing. The young athlete wants to achieve more and develop freediving in Ukraine. She says Ukraine has huge untapped potential.

“As a country and individual athletes, we are quite famous in the freediving community. Aside from me, there are two more athletes that perform internationally,” she said.

Her colleagues confess that many athletes envy her skill and determination. Natalia Zharkova herself just shrugs and says that training is the key.

Source UATV
date 16.08.2019
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