Ukrainian Became The Best Cadet of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst of UK

Artem Baranenko is the first Ukrainian to receive such a title


Artem Baranenko — a cadet of the Lviv National Land forces academy was recognized as the best cadet of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and awarded an honorary sword. He is the first Ukrainian to receive such a title.

Artem Baranenko walks out on the stage of the Lviv national academy of land forces, greeted by applause and an orchestra. He is being awarded for achievements in the UK. He became the best foreign cadet of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Cadets from all over the world covet this title. Artem is the first Ukrainian to get it.

“When Paul Tensing said that the overseas sword is being awarded to Artem Baranenko I was very surprised of course. They have leadership courses where they analyze your performance. Special attention is given to proving ground achievements and how you prove yourself. That means every cadet, each is given some responsibility,” he said.

Artem Baranenko was born in the Sumy region. With the start of Russian aggression, he decided to join the military and serve in the east. After that, he went to study at the Petro Sahaidachny ‘National Ground Forces Academy’ as an artilleryman. When Artem Baranenko found out about the international program, he started practicing for the tests and passed them with flying colors.

“First the selection process is held in educational institutions and then cadets apply at the British embassy. There, a commission selects cadets,” head of the Lviv national land forces academy Pavlo Tkachuk said.

Artem was the only Ukrainian to be selected to study in the UK. Cadets study in the elite British military academy within the framework of an agreement between defence ministries of both countries.

“Our cadets have many achievements. They know how to reach their goals and head for victory. They are an example of our department and for our academy,” Lviv national land forces academy cadet Illya Stavsky said.

Artem Baranenko became the best among cadets from 22 countries of the world and received the honorary sword. Yet he says that he will only serve in the Ukrainian army.

“I have a contract signed with the Ukrainian armed forces. They all understand that and have no right to give me any offers. But even if they did, I would have refused. I have to come back to Ukraine, I am a patriot,” he said.

Artem will study in Lviv for one more year. In this time, he is planning to share his knowledge and experience with other cadets. Artem plans to continue his service.

date 16.08.2019
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