Ukrainian Blades a Cut Above

Oleksandr Krava is making knives that have gotten worldwide recognition


Lviv resident Oleksandr Krava has been making knives for the last eight years and meanwhile garnered an international reputation.

“I made my first knife in 2011 and decided to keep it. Sometimes I look at it and it is so funny to see where I started,” he said.

Krava has developed seven types of knives.

“I am going to put nail polish on the knife, it will harden and after etching it we will see how it turns out. After we have etched the knife and removed the nail polish, with special chemicals, you can see what it looks like. It is a very simple technique, but the knife looks amazing,” he said.

Krava gives each model a unique name.

“I called the knife for concealed carrying and possible self-defense the name ‘Rascal.’ A knife that you would use in a forest or while camping I called ‘Viper.’ Its shape resembles a viper as well,” he said.

Krava doesn’t consider his knives to be weapons though. He said that they can be used in any situation and can suit the needs of tourists, hunters, and those who are involved in active sports.

In 2016, after receiving a request from volunteers, he made tactical knives for Ukrainian soldiers.

“I made a knife with a 120 mm blade and called it ‘Crow.’ It became popular among the military. In fact, the first 12 knives I made were sent to the front lines and were tested in demanding conditions. The soldiers liked them,” Krava said.

Lviv resident Orest Yurchuk has two of these knives in his collection. He said he always carries them with him. It is not just a tool, but also a stylish accessory.

“I loved the design immediately. It is very unusual and somewhat brutal. Good steel is important. Most importantly it was made in Lviv, Ukraine,” he said.

Krava’s knives are slowly getting recognition worldwide. They are sold in Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, and Australia, among other countries.

Source UATV
date 05.11.2019
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