Ukrainian Easter in Poland

Ukrainians around the world celebrated Easter. In Poland, they came to Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches with their whole families. As in Ukraine, they attended an evening service - in order to bless Easter treats


The Ukrainian diaspora in Poland stays true to its native traditions. Before the holiday of Easter, Ukrainians go to church to bless traditional treats.

“I have here what every Lviv hostess, every Ukrainian hostess has. A paska, eggs, cheese, butter, salt, horseradish, and kindness,” Maryana, a parishioner said.

“I have the most essential things – Easter bread, eggs – according to traditions,” Anhelina, a parishioner said.

The liturgy started at 5:00pm. The service ended with the blessing of the treats.

“We must rejoice at this resurrection. Because we are alive thanks to it. And he is with us. So I wish everyone to meet Jesus Christ during these holidays, and for him to fill us with peace, love, joy, and everything good. Christ is risen,” Father Superior of the Basilian Fathers Monastery in Poland said.

Parishioners say that Easter church services in Poland are different from those in Ukraine.

“In Ukraine, paskas are blessed a little differently, the liturgy itself is different. The church process is not the same,” a parishioner says.

On this holiday, Ukrainians wish each other love, and for their country to be peaceful and prosperous.

Source UATV
date 29.04.2019
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