Ukrainian Family’s Costumes Wow Venice Carnival

Liubov Kolisnik lives in Spain and devotes her free time to creating intricate carnival costumes. Her costumes have won compliments from experts and prizes at carnivals


Lyubov Kolisnik loves to sow and embroider. Her creations rarely go unnoticed. In her spare time she creates carnival costumes for herself and her two sons.

“Ours is a family who creates with their hands. Since I was a child I would do everything by hand that I could,” Kolisnik said.

About five years ago her family took part in a local Spanish carnival. Kolisnik designed costumes for the festival herself. Now, bringing homemade costumes to festivals has become a family tradition.

This year, Kolisnik decided to take part in the Venice Carnival. She started preparing a year before the trip, tirelessly working on the designs of shoes, accessories, and masks.

“It was all done by hand. I`ve been embroidering one skirt with golden lining for more that 1.5 months. It took 120 meters of golden thread,” Kolisnik  said.

In Venice, Liubov presented her creations, two were worn by her sons and the third one she wore herself. The suits were recognized by the judges for their fine details.

“Frankly, it was very hard to wear masks. Plus, I had a headdress and a crown. I do not know how much it weighs, but not less than two kilograms. The skirt is also very heavy,” Kolisnik said.

Unfortunately Kolisnik was not able to take part in the finals of the carnival competition for family reasons. She plans to take a break for the next two years.

Source UATV
date 11.03.2019
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