Ukrainian Fashion In Shanghai

300,000 people are expected to visit it in only five days


The China International Import Expo is well underway in Shanghai. At the trade forum, Ukraine is presenting hundreds of products in mechanical engineering, agriculture, IT, and others. The exposition also featured more than 70 unique outfits by Ukrainian fashion designers.

It included embroidery, prints, lace – all made by hand.

“It seems to everybody that it’s pointless to go to China with clothes. Since they can fake anything: Dolce Gabbana, Stella McCartney. But there is a percentage of Chinese who do not wear fakes. They want to wear unique, designer clothes,” Volodymyr Nechyporuk, the director general of the Ukrainian fashion week said.

The exposition gathered hundreds of visitors. One of the halls is dedicated exclusively to make up. But, as in many other sectors of the exhibition, it features robots. One of them serves as a makeup artist.

Numerous robots present skills like making cookies or assembling machines.

The kitchen hall, however, despite being the most automated, is advertised by people.

A green walkway leads to the medical equipment pavilion, and the red one goes to the national stands. The carpets were made according to the color of the pavilions so that people wouldn’t get lost in the huge center where some 300,000 people are expected to visit it in only five days.

Getting lost among 5,000 exhibits is easy. There is an Italian helicopter, costing almost $50 million, a flying car from Slovakia, and diamond shoes. The exposition also features one of the largest interactive maps of Ukraine, working in real time. It presents information about tourism, manufacturing, and investment objects. Such maps will be installed in all Ukrainian embassies abroad.

“We click on agriculture. And now – we display statistical information so our investment partner understands whether we are a country of raw materials or not – or whether we can supply grain or processed products,” Yana Pidlysna, the Head of the Intelectual Property Department of the Ministry of Economic Development.

On the first day that Ukraine’s national stand was opened at the exposition, the country signed an important contract with a Chinese company. Although, the details have been kept secret so far.

Over the past year, Ukraine’s export to China amounted to more than $2 billion. After the exposition, the number may grow. It opened on Nov. 5 and lasts till Nov. 10.

Source UATV
date 07.11.2018
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